Glenn Bonner - Executive Technology Professional

Case Studies


Intel Itanium2 Processor MGM MIRAGE Antes Up on Itanium® 2-based Servers for Cost-Effective Growth.


Infogenesis RevelationRevelation from InfoGenesis enhances service for Las Vegas Strip resort-casino operator.

Intel Itanium Scalability MGM MIRAGE Antes Up on Itanium® 2-based Servers for Cost-Effective Growth.

Quest Exchange Migration MGM MIRAGE Chooses Quest to Ensure Critical Communications on Day Zero of Merger.


Microsoft Exchange 2003MGM MIRAGE takes advantage of the scalability features of Exchange Server 2003.

EMC Exchange ReliabilityMGM MIRAGE reduces email servers by 50 percent and enhances availability.


HP Print Server ApplianceMGM MIRAGE increases printer reliability and manageability while reducing administrative costs.

Microsoft Terminal ServicesTerminal Services enabled Bellagio’s parent company, MGM MIRAGE, to save U.S.$2 million in acquisition and support costs while streamlining the delivery of technical support and software administration.


Sun Solaris PC NetlinkMGM MIRAGE Deploys Solaris PC Netlink Software For Reliable NT Services.

Microsoft Data WarehousingUsing Microsoft SQL Server 2000, MGM MIRAGE was able to deploy a data warehouse capable of aggregating more than 1 million customer transactions per day.


Wyse Success StoryMirage Resorts reduces cost by using Wyse Thin-Client terminals.


DELL ServersDell servers power business-critical functions of ‘Vegas largest hotel and casino.

FileNet Customer Success Story Mirage Resorts enables hiring of 10,000 new employees using a paperless job application system.